Online Auction Bidding Strategies

Wondering how to win online auctions?
Here are a few strategic approaches to bidding:

1. Begin with a higher bid. Typically, people place their first bid as low as they can with hopes of getting the item at a much lower rate. This plan backfires on many occasions, as keeping the bid price low only invites more potential buyers. If you offer a larger chunk at the beginning, you will cut some of your competition.

2. Immediately match bids. When you’re fast to provide a higher offer, you essentially intimidate other bidders into thinking you won’t quit. This is a psychological tactic that frightens off other bidders.

3. Study your opponent’s pattern. Once you know how your competitor’s play, you can out maneuver their next move. Do they always bid in round numbers? Do they start small and end big? Vice versa? If you can predict their behavior, your chances of winning increase.

4. Avoid round bids. If you set your maximum bid at an even dollar amount, you stand less of a chance of winning an item. People tend to think in round numbers, so you gain an advantage setting a maximum bid of $101.27 on an item that you expect to go for around $100. Sure, you’re spending a little more money, but that edge is usually worth it. The only issue you may run into is other people doing the same thing. Since you cannot see their maximum bid, you need to find the right price balance between not enough and a little extra.

5. However you decide to bid in an online auction, always stay true to your strategy. If the price goes above your budget, you are better off walking away. Put thought into every bid you make. We hold auctions so frequently that your disciplined approach is bound to pay off sooner or later. It takes practice, but soon enough you will learn how to get what you want for an incredible price.

Happy Bidding!