Beginners Guide To Collecting Cast Iron Skillets

On top of being essential for creating mouthwatering southern cuisine, some antique cast iron skillets can be worth a significant amount of money. Of course, the type of manufacturer and the condition of antique cast iron skillets can influence their resell values, but their modern uses make them continually popular items for both antique stores and garage sales. So,be on the lookout !

Different Antique Cast Iron Skillet Manufacturers
There were a significant number of antique cast iron skillet manufacturers, and most of the notable manufacturers made their cast iron skillets identifiable by setting their logos/maker's marks into the backs of their pans. However, not every antique cast iron skillet was marked, meaning your unmarked cast iron skillet might actually be much older than you think.

The most desired antique cast iron skillets come from the Griswold company, but skillets from these other top manufacturers will perform just as admirably in the kitchen.

Selden & Griswold (later just Griswold) - 1873-1957
Favorite Stove and Range Co. - 1889-1935
Lodge Manufacturing Co. - 1896-present
Wagner Manufacturing Co. - 1891-1952
Vollrath Manufacturing Co. - 1884-1960s
Atlanta Stove Works - 1898-1957
Wapak Hollow Ware Co. - 1903-1926